How To Live Happily Everyday – Happiness Is Crucial To Self-Improvement

How To Live Happily Everyday - Happiness Is Crucial To Self-ImprovementThe benefits of being happy everyday can never be overstated when it comes to self-improvement. Happy people tend to always have a positive mindset and this affects their perception of themselves, other people and life in general. These ones are friendlier, more socially attuned and more productive than people that always seem to have something to feel down about.

When it also comes to dating, happiness makes you a magnet to women because they’ll view you as a guy who’s confident about himself and cool to be around. Being in a happy mood makes you optimistic and helps you stay motivated enough to be able to achieve your goals. But how is it possible for one to remain happy even when things doesn’t seem to be going our way? How does one become genuinely happy when as a proactive people, we’re bound to occasionally experience life’s ups and downs?

Retaining A Happy Mindset Daily

Many people are looking for the answer to the basic question of how to be happy.

We all want to enjoy life and avoid suffering, but there’s more to it than just that. So here are some habits and shift in mindsets that I’ve found to be of great benefits when it comes to finding true happiness everyday.

Get Over Your Anxieties:
Most of the times when we’re not happy, it’s usually as a result of something that we’re uncertain of how the outcome will be. “I just invested some money into … and I don’t know if it was a good decision”, “I just bought a car but I’m afraid I may lose it someday”, “I’m currently doing well in life financially but I’m worried tomorrow might not be this way” and so on… Anxiety easily rips us off our deserved happiness but not to worry though, you can start taking steps to reduce your anxieties right away
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The Only Benefits You Derive From Arguing

Benefits You Derive From Arguing First off, I’d like to clarify that the form of “arguing” I’m referring to in this post are those situation where we find ourself trying to shove down our own ideas and beliefs into someone else’s throat just because we believe ourself to be right and the person we’re confronting is the wrong one, resulting in us trying to tongue-force the person into subscribing to our own ideas/beliefs through arguing with them.

There is no point in arguing with people who already have their minds made up. It takes up your time and energy and doesn’t produce any tangible results. It ends up with you getting angry, trying to convince someone of something that truly doesn’t matter at all.

But I don’t want people to think I’m such and such!

Why? How does you taking time from your life to pander to other people make any difference. People who are prone to arguing and name-calling have a very hard time understanding anything. No matter what you say they are going to think whatever they want to think. No matter how much you argue and pander you can’t change someone who has their mind made up. Just let people think whatever they want and go on with your life.

We’re scared of words for no reason. We argue against words like it changes anything or makes any difference. It doesn’t make any difference. They’re just words. Sometimes they have a basis in reality, sometimes they don’t. You can argue for or against the words as long as you want but it changes nothing about you as a person.

Winning an argument is always tempting though. Who doesn’t want to be right? OR Have the last word? OR Be the meanest and sharpest and smartest with their words?

Trying to control another person’s opinion oversteps
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How To Live The Good Life And Have No Regrets When You’re Old

Live The Good Life And Have No Regrets

After 14 months away I find myself back in the the UK for a brief visit. Family and friends, hi and bye, that type of deal.

Visiting is fine and dandy but I won’t have any regrets when I get on a transpacific plane and head back out into the wild.

I don’t have any “hard feelings” about the UK, I was born here to my Nigerian parents so that makes me a Nigerian too but I find my choice to live abroad to be one of the better choices I have ever made.

I get asked all the time why I don’t live in UK but rather choose to live abroad.

I’ll tell you why, in the simplest manner I can….

I don’t live in the UK because I don’t want to.

I live a life of choice and I have chosen to live abroad.

When you have the choice, the ability to do anything, you start to ask yourself questions like “why?”.

Etc… When you can answer the “why” question you may realize you have no reason to do what you are doing.

You may realize you have the power to choose.

You may realize one simple fact of life: you can change the things you don’t like. You may realize that you aren’t stuck.

There are those people who’ve gone past the blooms of their youthful and energetic days and are now living a life of wishful regrets because of the things they wished they could have done when there was still time:


How To Re-awaken A Passion & Stop Being Lazy About Your Goals

Stop Being Lazy About Your GoalBeing lazy is not a good thing, it prevents us from living our life to its full potential and you will never know how much potential you have in becoming a huge success unless you get off your back-side and do something about it! If you are a self-diagnosed couch potato then chances are you are here because you figured something has to change in your lazy life.

I personally know what it’s like to be a lazy person. The days spent on the couch watching ‘Friends’ and ‘The Simpsons’ with a big bag of doritos and a pint of coke were admittedly great, I enjoyed it, there is no harm in admitting it. However one day I finally decided to take a good look at myself and what I was doing and said “What is this doing for me? Am I getting anything from sitting around watching TV all the time?” My answer was YES – I’m getting; bored, unenthusiastic about everything (even the things I usually liked), bags under my eyes, untidy, and most of all I’m not going anywhere in my life. And of course not to mention my family were getting fed up with me.

Overcoming laziness, or the ability to do things that we do not want to do, is a crucial part of gaining success. Things simply have to get done and we have to do them or make sure they are done. When we come to terms
with this fact, that we will have to do unpleasant tasks to become successful, it makes it a whole lot easier to just ‘buckle up’ and do the tasks we know we will have to do at some point anyway.

Success is the result of a few big tasks done and accomplished and a whole bunch of miniscule tasks done and accomplished. Today we are going to focus on how to get all those small tasks done that we just don’t have the desire to do. Successful people make sure small tasks get done as quick, painless and efficiently as possible while lazy people procrastinate and let the small tasks go unfinished for far too long..
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3 Personal Development Articles That You Must Read

Personal Development Articles

Hello everyone, today I’m a bit exhausted but still managed to find my way over here but I wont be able to write a new post though. Here are 3 of my timeless personal development blog posts that you might have missed.


And that’s all for today, see you tomorrow.