How To Stay Positive Around Negative People During Christmas

How To Stay Positive Around Negative PeopleYesterday made it 4 months since came online. The journey has been interesting so far except for the few hitches with my web host that caused the blog to go offline for days on 3 occasions. Visitors have been increasing steadily over time and the blog currently receives around 500 – 700 unique daily visits on an average day with over 2,000 impressions per day. Thanks to you readers for taking your precious time to visit my blog and don’t forget to say hi by using the form on the blog’s contact me page. The blog would have been just me talking to myself if not for you readers. I appreciate every single one of you. Thank you.

Okay, back to today’s topic which is on how we can stay positive even when we happen to have lots of negative people around ourselves like say negative friends, negative family members or maybe a negative colleague at your workplace.

One of the more common questions I receive from some readers of this blog who’ve newly started getting their life turned around and moving on a positive path is; ‘How do I stay positive around all the negative people in my life?’

In fact, until you begin to take responsibility for your life and set your compass in the positive direction, you probably won’t notice just how negative the people around you really are. For a lot of people, the negativity comes from family members, relatives and friends, and with Christmas approaching, it can be a time that really tests our patience. It’s hard enough to stay positive in your daily routine during normal times, but add a few family “get-togethers” into the picture in an already stressful time of the year and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.

So, below I will be sharing with you guys, some tips on how to stay positive around negative people this Christmas:

  1. Don’t Try To Convert Them – If you’re new to personal development and you are just started getting your life together and moving in a positive direction, you’re probably still at the level of being able to create just enough positive energy to make progress in your life without negative influences from some of those people that matters to you. Most likely, you won’t have enough positive energy at this point to help everyone around you as well, and even if you did they most likely won’t want your help at this time. If you hear people complaining, resist the urge to try to “sensitize” them with your new way of thinking during a holiday dinner.
    You may be able to handle one or two negative people when they are ready to take responsibility for their life and they want some positive energy from you, but taking on a whole table of “negatrons” who really don’t want to change is an exercise in futility unless you’re really strongly grounded in positive energy.
  2. Visualize – Realize the source of your positive energy is your spirit or whatever name you use for divinity. As such, the energy is limitless. Visualize a constant flow of energy flowing into you. I prefer to visualize the energy coming to me from the earth, through my feet and into my body. It makes me feel as if I’m a tree with my roots extending into the ground around me. Try visualizing something like that. It is limitless energy. A lot of us might read books or meditate and during those times, we’ll feel connected to that energy. However, we should realize that that energy is always there, whether we have a positive book in our hands or not. Allow that energy to always flow through you by visualizing it, even when you’re not meditating or reading a positive book.
  3. Pretend It’s A Costume Party – The next time you come in contact with a negative person whose negativeness seems to be rubbing off on you, you can think about the whole scenario as you being in a costume showoff party with the other person. For example, let’s say that you’re at a gathering when someone who is really negative is talking to you and complaining about the weather, the latest news, and life in general. Instead of judging the person as someone who is negative, try this instead. Pretend that you’re actually at a costume party. The person in front of you has come to the party dressed as a negative person, so they’re wearing their “negatron” mask and talking to you from behind that mask. Now, instead of taking everything they say personally, realize that they are just pretending to go along with their costume.

    Realize that one day, that exact same person might change costumes and wear their “positive person” costume, but for today they are still wearing the costume of negativity and there is nothing you can do about it. Why would you anyway? It’s just a costume party!

  4. Have Some Fun By Mirroring And Exaggerating The Other Person’s Negativeness – This can be a fun one when done properly under the right circumstances with a negative person. Let’s say that the person you happen to be around is complaining about how the government is doing nothing about youth violence. Now, instead of telling them about how the latest stats show that youth violence has gone down by 8% in the last 4 years, tell them “Yeah, I think it’s all the video games kids play nowadays! I was playing Mario Brothers the other day and I got so frustrated, I threw the controller across the room.”

    If they’re complaining about the soaring gasoline prices, tell them “Yeah, I know, I was saving up for a Ferrari, but with today’s gas prices I think I’ll just get a Volkswagen and ride it to work.” Just pretend to be really negative with the person but exaggerate your own negativity to the point of humor.


Remember, there is a time for personal development and there is a time for mostly meaningless socializing. If you try to make every social gathering about trying to share personal development issues with people who are not there for that, you’ll run into problems with a lot of your relatives, friends and associates. Instead, if someone is genuinely interested in the success you’ve been having lately or the positive attitude you’re displaying, arrange a time to catch up with them one-on-one later on. Don’t try to convert all the negatives around you to your new way of being positive. Chances are it won’t work, and you’ll just get frustrated.

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