Know How Long To Wait Before Calling A Girl That Gave You Her Number

Know How Long To Wait Before Calling A Girl That Newly Gave You Her NumberAnother reason why some guys still find it difficult to get girls is because of their inability to know when it’s best to call a new girl that just gave them her number. Learning about this will help you improve your game a lot because girl’s will be able to connect smoothly with you right after you first met and exchanged contacts with her all through till when you’re both out on a date, without having to encounter those awkward moments of silence that occurs during an untimed phone conversations between guy and girl.

The topic about the best time for calling a girl has been a largely debated one. Some of the so called “dating experts” sum up varying advices, most of which are just their personal assumptions that best works only theoretically. Some will tell you to wait 3 days before calling while another will tell you to wait 1 week before calling but then, what does a girl think about receiving the first call from a guy that she just gave her number? How can guys use this knowledge to their advantage? and also, when is the tested and proven most appropriate time for calling a new girl?

Best Time For The First Call

Let’s get this straight first; if a girl gives you her number, she WANTS you to call her! At this point, I would have loved to tell the guy reading this post something along the line of “hey buddy, the best time to call her is after X days so as not to seem too desperate or whatever”, but truth is, the best time for calling a new girl that just gave you her number doesn’t have a practically proven static time stamp. Period. It depends on each girl and how you got her number since all girls aren’t the same even though most of them responds to certain kinds of stimulus in an almost similar manner.

There is a huge difference between a girl that gave you her number after talking with you for just 5 minutes before leaving and another girl that gave you her number after talking and probably making out with you for hours before leaving. The former needs more rapport and feeling of connections to be created but the latter needs a little break before the next call so as not to make yourself to either seem too desperate or too available because both of those are traits of guys that have very few options with women.

In this post, I will only be addressing the former which is the case of the girl that gave you her number after talking with you for a short while before leaving, since this is the most common scenario.

How To Make It Work With Each Girl

In my case, most of the dating stuffs that worked for me are those that I was able to properly blend into who I am as a person and my kind of lifestyle – not those that tried to make me change myself into some other being. There was a time I tried doing the 3-day wait period but meh, it sucked.

The wait period that I’ve found to work best in getting girls is not to wait at all. Don’t wait till the next day, call her during the evening of the same day she gave you her number. Forget about all those crap marketing hypes about not making yourself seem too desperate that the so called “dating experts” uses to sell their crap ebooks. I’ve learnt from experience that girls won’t normally become uncomfortable with receiving your calls during the first 2-3 times of you calling her, because her attraction will still be fairly high and she would still be glad you called during that period – Except you’re a creep that she regrets ever giving her contact to.

What To Discuss With Her During Your First Call

For me, there are two sides involved when it comes to what to discuss during the first phone call. Remember how I always emphasize on always knowing what it is you want from a girl at every instance? Here’s another place where it comes to play.

It’s either:

  1. I’m simply calling to break the ice and minor anxiety associated with the “when will he call?” syndrome OR
  2. I’m calling because I’m free during the next day or two to take her out

Calling To Break The Ice – When you’re calling her just to break the ice and make her familiar with receiving your calls, then you should make the call as short as possible. Nothing long. “Hey girl, I just called to quickly let you know that I was thinking about you…are you doing something? cause I’m hearing some noise over the phone… I’m in the middle of fixing some stubborn stuffs over here but I will be calling you again soon so we can talk better…always keep your phone close so you don’t get to miss my call…I will be calling again soon…stay out of trouble so as not to get your pretty face disfigured by the bad guys(jokingly)” Then get off the phone.

QUICK NOTE: After calling a girl with the example above, your next call to her should be one that requires some actions on her part towards you two becoming lovers(like asking her out on a date or directly inviting her home with a probable excuse). Dwelling too long on small talks like the example above is one of the fastest route that will carefully guide you into her friend-zone without you even knowing it.

Calling To Ask Her Out – This should be the kind of call that you always ought to be giving girls immediately after they’ve given you their phone number. In this type of call, your aim is to ask her out and your conversation should gradually transition into that but don’t just pick up your phone to call her and start asking “when will you be free so we can go grab some drinks together?” Instead, make it unfold gradually after you’ve successfully started a bright conversation with her.

When you call her, your first goal is to make her feel relaxed about your call and a good way to achieve this is by discussing about the now, with small talks. “hey Ann, how’re you doing…your voice seem to be a little different over the phone, are you sure I’m speaking with Ann?…Wow, I never knew you got such a sweet voice, tell me you’re not faking it…you seem to be in bed already…huh, that’s how a great day usually ends on a bright note…is that your sister’s voice that I’m hearing over there…”. That’s it, hit up some small talk with her first, like talking about her day, her voice or whatever, then once you can sense she’s feeling comfortable, move on to asking her some little things about herself. Some little things like where she grew up, what she thinks about life as a kid and some little not-too-emotional talks. The reason you’re doing this is to make her feel some bonds with you, so she stops seeing you as one of all those guys that knows nothing about her except for her name and where she schools/works. You can easily start transitioning the conversation towards getting her to start talking about herself by using a simple assumption about her:

Guy:You seem quite different from the other girls I normally see around

Girl: how?

Guy: Your looks, the way you act, I don’t know much about you for now but from the little I’ve seen so far, I can tell that you weren’t raised in this part of town

Girl: yeah, we just moved in some few years ago,

Guy: I knew it, tell me you weren’t raised as a catholic because you act like one to me

Girl: No, I’m not catholic but I grew up among some catholic friends while we were in….

That’s it. Once she’s relaxed and you’ve got her telling you some of her past in a bright mood, you can then ask her out on a date afterwards. “You know what Ann, I’m normally free during evenings after working hours and I would want us to meet in person so we can know more about ourselves… when will you be free between tomorrow or next so we can meet and talk over some drinks together?”.

That’s a good way to ask her out after she’s told you some few things about herself during the phone conversation. At this point, she will almost always accept your date invitation because there is a connection between you two already.

Quick Note On Asking Her Out – I understand how most of the so called online dating coaches out there will tell you to “ask her when she’s free” before using her response to propose a date afterwards. It’s up to you to see if that works for you. Personally, I noticed it seemed as if I was making myself too available for her by simply asking her “when she’s free” and then using her response to suggest a date afterwards. That was like subtly communicating to the girl that I’m always there whenever she had time for me. Although that approach got me dates with girls in the past, but I don’t use it anymore because of what it might also be communicating to her. Notice how the guy gives the girl two specific dates during when he will be free so she can choose the one the matches her free time? This works better because it subtly communicates to women that you’re not always available.

And another tip for asking girls out is that you should always ask her out within a day or two to the actual date. You don’t want to arrange a date with her for next week. More on asking her out in some other posts.


You shouldn’t have to wait for days before finally calling the new girl that just gave you her number. Waiting for days will only end up filling the first call with moments of awkward silences that results as a result of the nervousness that has built up over the days. She might have forgotten about you by then or she could probably just chose to ignore your calls as a result. Move fast towards getting her. Call her while the memory of you is still fresh in her head.

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