What You Gain By Believing In The Dreams Of Others

Believing In The Dreams Of OthersPersonal development doesn’t just ends with you improving yourself to be performing at your maximum potentials. Every once in a while I get an idea stuck in my head for no apparent reason. Right now, that idea is providing encouragement and positive feedback – believing in the dreams of others, and telling them so.

It’s amazing how much of an impact that positive reinforcement can make. Simply hearing someone tell you, “I believe you can do it,” or, “That’s a great idea you have,” can build up mountains of motivation and confidence within you that causes you to put in more effort towards that goal.

When I think about this idea, my mind always goes back to a time shortly before I discovered blogging when I was casting about for what my next part-time career step would be. I knew marketing wasn’t it. Among other things, I was exploring photography, travel writing, and being a rug merchant.

Last year prior to me starting this blog, a short-lived affiliate attempt with CJ turned into an up-market, custom order concept. I could talk with customers about how the products I’m promoting could be of benefit to them. There could be a personal connection with some of my own experiences with using the product in the process too.

It wasn’t until one evening when I was showing a friend some of my affiliate marketing ideas and telling him about how I was planning to make it work. “Oh man!” he exclaimed. “That’s so great. I know so many people who would jump on that. You could totally do that!”

I had thought it was a good idea before talking to him, but after talking to him I was flying high with motivation to make it happen. Nothing about the reality of the idea had changed, but his enthusiasm and encouragement added huge amounts of fuel to the fire.

I never took the idea anywhere – shortly after that I discovered my blogging ability – but that experience left a strong impression on me.

I believe that we all have several opportunities to add fuel to somebody’s fire every day. Sometimes just a little bit of kindling, and sometimes fuel for a roaring blaze. Look around you. Who could you tell, “I believe in you?” Where are the opportunities to say, “That’s an amazing idea – I’m really excited for you?”

I’m sure my friend doesn’t even remember the conversation about my affiliate marketing idea. It was just his natural response in a conversation that meandered all over the place over the course of the evening, but it made a significant impact on me. And with this post maybe, just maybe, the ripples from the splash he made will have that effect on others.

Believe in your dreams – and let the people around you always know that you believe in their ability to make their dreams come true. That’s how we change the world.

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for this post.

You have an excellent website.
Do you write all articles yourself or you hire some one?

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Glad you liked it Ravi. Some of the posts are written by guest posters and some by me.

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